Four Perfect Privacy Trees Which Grow Fast In Australian Gardens

Moving into a brand-new home in a brand-new estate is an exercise in excitement. Finally, you get a house built exactly the way you want it, and no one has had a chance to enjoy it before you. The only problem with moving into a new home is that you need to start from scratch when it comes to landscaping. Some building contracts include plants in their pricing, but others do not. [Read More]

Two Situations in Which You Should Not Cut Down a Tree Yourself

Whilst it is technically possible to cut down a tree by yourself (instead of hiring an arborist to do it), there are many situations in which attempting to do so could have disastrous consequences. Continue reading to learn about two specific situations in which it is not advisable to opt for the DIY approach to tree removal. The tree that needs to be removed is a coconut palm tree. If the tree that you need to remove is a coconut palm tree, you should not try to cut it down by yourself, but should instead hire a palm tree removalist to do it for you. [Read More]

Why Dead Tree Removal Should Be Left to the Experts

When a tree dies in a forest, it becomes a valuable resource for insects and animals alike. As it decays, nature recycles it, taking advantage of the food and shelter it provides for many years to come. However, in a yard or on a front lawn, a dead tree is an eyesore that can reduce a property's value. More importantly, dead trees are dangerous, especially the large ones. As they rot, the risk that they may drop a large limb or fall over in high winds increases. [Read More]