3 Tools for Pruning a Tree: How to Keep Your Yard Looking Great

If you're like most homeowners, you want your yard to look its best. One way to achieve this is by pruning your trees on a regular basis. Pruning not only makes a tree look better but also helps keep it healthy. To get the most out of your pruning efforts, you need the right tools. This blog post will discuss the proper tools for tree pruning. Read on to discover more! [Read More]

Do You Really Need to Remove Invasive Trees From a Cultivated Backyard?

If you have established trees in your yard, why would you want to remove them as long as they're healthy and growing well? If the trees are not invasive species, then you wouldn't need to remove them. However, if your home is old with a well-established yard, whoever designed the landscaping and installed the trees might have done so before some species were recognised as invasive. Unfortunately, there's really no grandfathering-in of invasives — they don't get a grace period that allows them to be considered non-invasive. [Read More]

Benefits of Native Australian Lemon Myrtles in Your Backyard

If you are looking for good landscape trees for your backyard, consider adding a lemon myrtle (also known as lemon-scented myrtle). This rainforest tree has many health benefits, but it is also beautiful and smells great. If your home is in its native southeastern Australian habitat, it will do quite well. However, you can plant in other parts of Australia as well. Here is more information about lemon myrtle, its benefits, and how to care for it in your backyard. [Read More]

3 Instances When You Are Likely to Hire a Professional Arborist

Trees are a fundamental part of the ecosystem. Besides offering a sufficient supply of oxygen, they act as windbreakers, add beauty to the outdoor space and help conserve the environment. For these reasons, many people desire to plant beautiful trees on their properties and take care of them. However, planting trees and maintaining them in good health and shape isn't as easy as it might seem. Grown trees can sometimes be liability or potential risk, particularly after a natural calamity like a storm or excessive flooding. [Read More]